Why Niche Writing is Actually A Good Thing!

Banner image courtesy of Francesca Nicasio

Niche writing is a love/hate relationship for majority of journalists.

Some believe it is the best thing for freelance journalists as you get too really hone into topics you’re interested in.

While others feel niche writing is like ‘someone tying their hands behind their back’ (Strain, 2016).

According to iche writing is an area where the writer is knowledgeable about a particular type of industry, has an solid understanding of needs, is up-to-date on trends, and has firm connections with industry experts.

Contrary to what some journalists think, niche writing may actually be a good thing when it comes to journalism.

Imagine your favourite thing in the world. Now imagine being able to write about it and have a group of people being equally excited about your favourite thing.

It all comes down the audience. What do they think? What do they want? Do they care?

Niche writing helps journalists to focus on a particular topic, and allows them to market their type of writing to a specific type of audience.

The main challenge writers face is marketing a small topic to a big audience.

A blog post from Otaku Journalist, gives aspiring niche writers three tips to go by.

  1. Ditch the terminology – allows more people to see your content! 
  2. Don’t just scratch the surface – by going into depth in your content, people want to read will want to read more! 
  3. …and to remember everyone is a potential fan – enough said! 

In summary, niche writing is a break away from the hard-hitting journalism and it gives journalists a chance to enjoy what they write!

I mean, if you’re a fan of alien conspiracy theories…I guarantee you someone else is a fan as well and would want to read it!






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