Digital Storytelling: The Way of The Future

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The world of the journalism industry is forever expanding with different ways of communication, and it is very important for future journalists like myself to keep up with those trends.

When ABC’s editor of Interactive Digital Storytelling Matt Liddy came to QUT’s KJB222 Lecture,  I was captivated to say the least about the ways of digital storytelling.

This form of journalism is basically, as it names suggests, ‘tells a story’ in a digital and interactive way. (Wow Eilish, you truly are the Ernest Hemingway of your generation!) 

One of the main forms of digital journalism is the form of data journalism.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 12.01.29 pm.png
@snoozen live-tweets lecture with @mattliddy

Data journalism, essentially is numerical data used in a production and distribution of information in digital journalism.

What is really important about data journalism is the fact aspiring journalists like myself would have to learn coding for data journalism

‘Data journalism’ only differs from ‘words journalism’ in that we use a different kit. We all sniff out, report, and relate stories for a living. It’s like ‘photo journalism’; just swap the camera for a laptop.
Brian Boyer, Chicago Tribune

…And when I hear the words data journalism and coding, all I can think about is math.


Jokes aside, data journalism is very important due to the way the industry is changing and how audiences view content.

This piece written by Data Journalism Handbook, shares why we need data journalism.

Basically, the journalism industry is under siege as in the past the printing press has “relied on being the only ones operating a technology to multiply and distribute what had happened over night”.

'The printing press served as a gateway, if anybody wanted reach the people of a city or region the next morning, they would turn to newspapers. This is over.'

Currently, news stories are constantly flowing into news rooms as they happen. Unfortunately, due to the filtering vast network of social connections, news is often ignored.


This is why data journalism is so important. Gathering, filtering and visualizing what is happening beyond what the eye can see has a growing value.

So for my students peers, here are a few websites to help us get acquainted with data journalism and all things coding. Enjoy!





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