Wait…I can get paid for blogging?

Zoella is the embodiment of a successful blogger, building an empire of 11 million subscribers and a net worth of $3.5 million.

Yesterday’s lecture hosted Nikki Parkinson, author of the renowned blog ‘Styling You’, a blog dedicated to helping women “get out the door each day looking and feeling the best they can”.

The main theme in yesterday’s lecture was blogging, more so the power of blogging. We live in an age where people as young as twenty-five can live off a whooping income of $12 million made from posting YouTube videos, and where viral cat videos can earn you some cash as well.

The truth is, anyone can be a blogger, a YouTuber, an influencer in the media, anyone with internet really! It really comes down to a formula Parkinson told us yesterday which attributes to most bloggers success.

That is,

Authenticity + Audience + Engagement + Trust = Influence 

(When it comes to success in the blogosphere, this formula is key according to Parkinson)

The formula is pretty straight forward. Basically, if one were to follow it you could garner a mass audience and influence in the media.

Influence in the media is something a lot of people either know how to handle extremely well or extremely badly…

But in this case, I decided to use YouTube Blogger Zoella (Zoe Sugg) as an example of someone who uses their influence for good, and does a bloody good job of maintaining an image despite mass media manipulation!

From being a small town girl to one of the biggest celebrities in the UK, Zoella has created an empire of 11 million subscribers on YouTube.

But before she was “Zoella”, Sugg was just an ordinary 19 year-old-girl with a shitty blog (much like this one) and an internet connection.

(Please note, she has definitely changed her blog since 2009 and it is definitely not shitty now, despite what the haters say! #zoellafangurl101)

Sugg was able to create a trust between her readers as she talked about things she enjoyed, and she simply did so because she wanted too and not because she was paid.

Once more people clocked on to her blog, eventually she moved platforms to YouTube which blew up resulting in her success today.

In conclusion, there are definitely signs Zoella followed the formula for influence.

Her engagement and trust with her viewers has definitely resulted in her influence as a creator.

Who knows? Maybe I can be just as successful as Sugg in the future… that is if I keep a consistent posting schedule- yikes!











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