What Online Journalism Means To Me

The world of Twitter is a vast landscape of endless opportunity – if you know how to navigate it of course.

Today I learnt in QUT’s KJB222 Online Journalism class that online journalism is just like any other journalism, only it is about finding an innovative ways of sharing news with the public.

Social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook Live (Heck, if someone figures out how to use Pokemon GO as a way of sharing news, it wouldn’t surprise me) are all being used as different ways to sharing news with the public.

To me, online journalism is about trying to keep journalism alive in a world where everything is constantly changing.

As a daily public transport commuter, i’ve never seen someone read an actual newspaper on the bus.

All I see is people glued to their phones which says something about the way journalism is heading in regards to print journalism.

In fact, a June 2016 survey by Sensis reveals about 75% of consumers in Australia access the internet via mobile phone.

Definitely a result of the changing media landscape journalism faces on a daily basis.

Overall, there is always going to be news in the world, it is the way news is presented is what is going to change in the future.


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