Sunday Mornings and Old Photographs

It is a very rainy, very humid Sunday today. My eldest brother is finally home after months of working in Western Australia, and my mother has this Sunday off from the markets. So in typical working-mother-fashion, she has decided to spend today cleaning every surface of this house (yay!).

Her bustling efforts to clean the house led me to find my parent’s old red-leather bound honeymoon album. And what a treasure it was to find!

It was the end of winter, 1985, when my parents got married and honeymooned in New Zealand. They said it was an interesting trip cause it was then my mother decided to quit smoking, and my dad had to put up with her quitting cold turkey for two weeks!

My dad told me once that is was then when he realised what he was in for for the next 28 years!

Looking back at these photographs, I felt a sense of nostalgia even know I wasn’t even twinkle in my dad’s eye. There is something so odd about seeing my parents so young and carefree when i’ve only seen them as hard working farmers.

I picked out a few of my favourite photographs, majority of the photos consisting of my parent’s brilliant fashion sense and wacky hairdos (more like hair-don’ts amiright?)

But also of the astonishing beauty of New Zealand. The Snowy Mountains and Icy Blue rivers. My dad’s old film camera just made New Zealand even more mystical than what it already is.

Without further ado, enjoy these very old photographs from my parent’s honeymoon.

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